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// About Us

We started the copy-trading program BotTronic in 2021, after we were looking for a way to share our passion for trading in an honest way with others who want to enter the world of Forex trading without putting your money into our company to take management.

The BotTronic team consists of a team of traders and customer-oriented individuals who want the best for their customer base. Our team is available during office hours in the CET time zone, from 9 am to 4 pm. Even outside these times it is possible that you will receive a response to all your questions.

Forex is pretty simple to understand; you trade one currency for another – it’s accessible, open 24 hours, 5 days a week– and with more than 5 Trillion in daily trading volume, it’s dynamic.

The basis of BotTronic consists of copying Forex signals in the MetaTrader4 program and trading with others in a hedgefund. As soon as BotTronic places a trade, it is picked up by the software via the MetaTrader4 servers and via the software we use distributed to all customers who follow a certain signal.

By following these signals you will become familiar with trading on the Forex market, but we always advise you to be careful with trading on the Forex market because this entails great risks.

At this moment, BotTronic offers a pay-per-performance hedgefund subscription, a fixed price MT4 trading subscription and we also offer private trading.