Private MT4 Trading

Our private trading services involve trading directly on your account based on your personal trading strategy and risk capital, without any action required on your part. You will need to create an account with one of our recommended brokers, deposit at least $2,500 USD of risk capital, and share your MT4 trading account details with us. We will then set up a trading plan on your account based on our strategy.

// Costs

The costs of using BotTronic MT4 trading are low, much lower than other providers. We do this because we want to cultivate your trust. The only condition we place on this is that you register with one of the brokers that we propose.

After that, the cost to use private trading is start-up costs free and also the subscription can be free for the first six (6) months. After that you will pay a monthly fee of $99 USD or a bi-anually fee of $299 USD.

The reason why we offer free start-up costs and six free months of trading when you sign up via our affiliate link with one of the brokers is simple: we receive commissions from this broker and this allows us to keep your costs low.

If you prefer not to use our affiliate link with one of the brokers we work with, for example because you already have an account there, this is also possible. Then the setup fee is $199 USD one time and you don’t benefit from six (6) free monthly subscription fees.

All our programs include trading courses to learn to trade yourself including a free BotTronic e-book, everyday analysis and signals from our traders and 24/7 support.

// Conditions

The following conditions apply:

  • You must trade with a minimum of $2,500 USD of risk capital and a maximum of $25,000 USD.
  • You must trade with one of our recommended brokers.
  • You must share your investor account details with BotTronic so that our traders can set up your account properly.
  • Trades are limited to intra-day trading on Gold, Nas100, us30, and major Forex pairs.
  • Maximum drawdown is 5%.
  • Up to 5 trades can be made daily.
  • The average monthly profit is 8%.
  • Our strategy is based on price action, smart money levels, and risk-reward ratios.
  • All trades have target points and stop losses.
  • Trades are closed on the same day.

* Your investor account information is separate information that you receive from your broker. As a result, we can only trade with capital that you place in that account and have no possibility to adjust your data, withdraw money from your account and other sensitive options that you have with your broker. We can therefore only act on your behalf.