BotTronic M-Trade

BotTronic M-trade its a highly specialized investment approach managed by our experienced fund manager, who possesses over 12 years of expertise in the professional asset management market. This strategy is designed to exclusively trade on the Forex market, aiming to capitalize on currency fluctuations and generate profitable returns.

The core of the Bottronic M-trade strategy lies in its quantitative algorithm, which incorporates a comprehensive blend of 20 different volatility indicators, quantitative mathematical indicators, and volume profiles. This sophisticated algorithm utilizes a data-driven approach to identify potentially lucrative trading opportunities. By leveraging a diverse range of volatility indicators. Bottronic M-trade aims to identify currency pairs that exhibit favourable price movements and trading conditions. These indicators provide insights into the level of price fluctuation and market sentiment, enabling the algorithm to make informed decisions on when to enter or exit trades.

Copy Signal

This copy signal has a track record extending over 2.5 years with an average winning month of 15%. It is under control of a fund manager that possesses over 12 years of experience in the professional asset management market. The strategy solely focusses on FX. It has a blend of 20 different volatility indicators, quantitative mathematical indicators, and volume profiles. It observes the trend and enters when this breaks at the 4H. It opens and exists at favourable price movements.

Join us now and elevate your trading experience with BotTronic M-Trade. Your success is our priority, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you.

Trader Forex Swing

Our dedicated team continuously monitors and fine-tunes the BotTronic M-trade strategy, ensuring that it remains effective in adapting to evolving market conditions. By relying on our fund manager’s extensive experience and the quantitative algorithm’s sophisticated analysis, we strive to deliver superior performance and meet the investment objectives of our clients.

Trading Pairs



Maximum allowed drawdown : 10%
The highest number of open positions: 3
No martingale or gird
Min investment 1000 usd
10 usd mondly management fee
Monthly profitshare 35%

5% deposit fee bonus
2 usd rebate per lot/trade monthly
5% profitshare monthly