BotTronic HedgeFunds

BotTronic offers a Hedge Fund service through a PAMM account with our broker Vantage Markets. PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Money Management. This unique kind of trading setup allows investors to allocate funds to a qualified trader or money manager they choose who in turn manage these pooled funds across multiple trading accounts.

By creating a pool of investors it is possible to trade in this pool from $10.000 USD and benefit from the profits that can be made by all investors together.

BotTronic will receive a performance fee for this service which is a 20% on the trading gains. The remaining profit/loss is distributed back to the investors according to the percentage allocation they each have in the total pool of funds.

You are the manager of your venture capital in your Vantage Markets account. The trading interval is mothly, which means that you can withdraw your winnings and/or cash out your entire account every month.

// Conditions

  • The minimum investment risk capital is $10,000 USD with no maximum limit.
  • Trades are limited to Forex pairs.
  • The maximum drawdown is 5%.
  • The monthly average profit is 8%.
  • Our strategy is based on price action and smart money levels.
  • All trades have target points and stop losses and are closed on the same day.
  • You will have your own investor dashboard with access to your trading history, open and closed trades, deposit and withdrawal options.
  • You can withdraw your funds each month.
  • There is no monthly subscription fee or start-up cost.
  • This is a 5-year compound trading plan.

// Costs

– 20% Performance Fee;
– 1% Deposit Fee;
– 1% Withdrawal Fee (min. $50USD withdrawal).

// Benefits

All our programs include trading courses to learn to trade yourself including a free BotTronic e-book, everyday analysis and signals from our traders and 24/7 support.

We want to be as transparant as possible. This way it makes it better to understand why you need which account and what part is being done by who. First of all it is good to understand there are three roles: You (the client), BotTronic and last we have our broker partner Vantage Markets. We will try to explane all the tasks each role has.

// Client

The client is the investor. As investor you invest your money in the fund and want to make profits with this money. The client doesn’t want to do anything himself, only make a deposit and withdrawal profits once in a while. The client needs an account with BotTronic and with the broker partner Vantage Markets. 

As a client you are the only one who can access your fundings! This is a very important security we have, this way you are the only one that can make deposits and withdrawals with your account. 

// Broker Partner


Vantage Markets is the partner which allows us to trade the financial markets. The broker handles all the trades that are made. The licensed broker is the partner which holds and handles all the fundings. Our broker partner combines all the clients accounts to one fund. BotTronic is able to trade this fund/account. With some smart technology all profits are being shared proportional by investment made.

Our broker partner is fully regulated and licensed by the ASIC. This means that your funds are safe with the broker and kept apart from the brokerage capital. By keeping apart your funds from the firms capital your funds are safe and always aviable for withdrawal. 

// BotTronic

 So what is our part in all this? Well we are the ones that opens positions and make the profits. BotTronic is running trading accounts on virtual servers. This means the accounts are always online and backed-up by online virtual machines. On the virtual servers we run our smart trading software with advanced AI technology. The AI technology opens and closes the positions for us. Our money managers are always able to protect the fundings and make manual actions to keep your fundings and secured. We always keep an eye one every trade made.

We are always working and developing our strategies. This way we can keep ut up-to-date and search for more stable and profitable results.