>> About CopyTrading

Forex is pretty simple to understand; you trade one currency for another – it’s accessible, open 24 hours, 5 days a week– and with more than 5 Trillion in daily trading volume, it’s dynamic. We are taking automated copy-trading to the next level. Our copytrading subscription is based on 100% copy trading, which means you will never lose control of your funds. You will be able to trade like an expert. Handsfree. Join us today and experience the difference!

The innovative system we use allows trades to be copied from our trading accounts to yours in milliseconds. By using well-known Forex brokers you remain in the management of your funds yourself and you copy all the actions that we perform on our trading account.

// Costs

The costs of using BotTronic CopyTrading are low, much lower than other providers. We do this because we want to cultivate your trust. The only condition we place on this is that you register with one of the brokers that we propose.

After that, the cost to use CopyTrading is $79 per month. This includes a free installation service for your copytrading account.

// Registration Process

Register At BotTronic

Register your free BotTronic.io account by pressing “register” in the menu.

Register At A Broker

Register with one of the brokers we offer on the ‘brokers’ page in your BotTronic dashboard, it is necessary that you use one of these links.

Fund Your Broker Account

With copytrading you do not deposit risk capital to BotTronic, but to your broker. This means that you are and remain responsible at all times for the management of your own funds.

After registration it is therefore necessary that you top up your broker account.

Fund Your BotTronic Account

Use one of the payment methods that BotTronic offers to top up your subscription money on the BotTronic platform. This top-up is necessary to pay the $79 monthly subscription fee.

Choose The CopyTrading Subscription

After you have upgraded your BotTronic account, you can pay the subscription fee for the BotTronic CopyTrading service.

Wait For More Information

After purchasing your subscription, please wait for more information by email. There are two choices from this point on:

– You choose the free installation service;
– You choose to set up the account yourself.

Our employees can help you step by step, but we advise you to have your copytrading account installed by us for free, so that no mistakes are made.