Copy Traders

At BotTronic, we are thrilled to introduce our newest option, Copy Traders, designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive financial solutions tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to achieve financial success and secure a prosperous future.

With Copy Traders, you can now take advantage of a groundbreaking feature that allows you to copy trading signals from professional traders. This means you can align your trades with proven strategies and expert knowledge, making trading more accessible and rewarding for you.

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Trader Combi

This trading expert specializes in the GBPUSD, USDJPY scalps with occasional trades in
XAUUSD & GBPJPY 1:3 trades. This focused approach allows for achieving a remarkably
high win rate while maintaining excellent risk management practices.

With an average trade length of no longer than 5 hours, it operates within the London trading session, capitalizing on the market’s volatility and opportunities during this specific time frame. Occasionally it opens trades in the NY session as well. This combination of precision, efficient trade execution, and a targeted selection of currency pairs enables us to consistently deliver favorabel trading outcomes.

Trader Forex Swing

The quantitative algorithm at the heart of this strategies approach comprises a comprehensive combination of 20 various volatility indicators, quantitative mathematical indicators, and volume characteristics. To discover potentially profitable trading opportunities, this sophisticated program employs a data-driven method. By utilizing a wide range of volatility indicators.

It seeks out currency pairings with favorable price moves and trading circumstances. These indicators give information on price volatility and market sentiment, allowing the algorithm to make informed judgments about when to enter and leave bets. Note that holding times are longer due to all these indicators.

Trader Gold

The Rollover Gold Strategy offers a reliable approach, focusing on capital preservation and steady returns. By targeting opportune moments during rollover time and implementing stop-loss measures, we ensure a controlled
trading environment. With no risky Martingale or grid techniques, this strategy provides peace of mind and a disciplined approach to risk management