BotTronic offers its members an incredible opportunity to embark on a journey to build a lasting legacy income through the BotTronic Affiliate Partner program. Our affiliate program is meticulously designed to reward you for every new subscriber you directly refer to BotTronic. With a focus on transparency and rewarding your efforts, we want you to succeed as our partner. Commissions are earned based on the deposit fee, rebate lotshare fee per trade, and fees from trading profitshare, ensuring that your success aligns with the growth of our community.

M-Trade Affiliate Commissions:

  • 5% on the First Deposit Fee: When your referrals make their initial deposit, you earn a generous 5% commission on the deposit fee.
  • $2 USD Lot/Trade Rebate: You’ll also receive a $2 USD rebate per lot or trade, adding a steady income stream.
  • 5% on the Trading Profitshare: As the trading profits roll in, you earn a 5% commission on the trading profitshare

.The 5% Deposit Fee and the Rebate will be disbursed between the 15th and 18th of each month, ensuring you receive a regular income stream. The 5% profitshare bonus is distributed on the last weekend of each month.

A-Book Funded Affiliate Commissions:

  • 2.5% on the Profitshare Trading: For our A-Book Funded service, you earn a generous 2.5% commission on the profitshare generated through trading.

The 2.5% profitshare bonus is paid out each month, providing you with a consistent flow of earnings.

  • Deposit Bonus: As a bonus for your referral’s first deposit, you receive a one-time commission, giving you an instant boost to your income.
  • Rebate Bonus: We also offer Forex rebates, ensuring that traders receive a portion of the spread or commission, whether their transactions are profitable or not. This bonus guarantees a consistent income stream.
  • Profitshare: Our profit-sharing plan is a valuable component of our affiliate program. It provides you with a share in the profits generated by your referrals. You’ll receive a percentage of your referral’s profits, which is calculated based on their monthly trading earnings.

We employ a Single Level Marketing System (SLM), a type of direct selling business. With SLM, you’ll receive your income in the form of commissions and bonuses. This streamlined approach ensures that your earnings are clear, consistent, and directly related to your successful referrals. At BotTronic, we’re committed to your success as an Affiliate Partner, and we’re excited to see you thrive in our community.

Join us and be a part of this incredible journey to financial success through our Affiliate Partner program. Your legacy income starts here!