A-book Funded Management


// An Investment for Everyone

An intuitive trading solution for all, pioneering success in
trading for the average investor all the way up to leading
financial institutions.

Based on extensive historical performance data spanning
over more than eight years, we can confidently assert that we
offer the most reliable strategies accessible for propfirm

// What We Do?

We offer a wide selection of highly attuned trading systems, specifically
curated to meet different investor needs and risk appetites.

Accepted clients are given access to a selection of trading systems, in which they may choose to invest. We operate as a facilitator between exclusive trading strategies and the retail and institutional investor.

Our team is tasked with continual research into the most exciting, technologically advanced trading systems available within the investment market.

The company serves to meet the unique needs of each investor, providing detailed information and support to each potential investor considering our services.

With long-term plans for bespoke client portals and 24/7 access to a dedicated to your dashboard, we will offer an unmatched investment experience.

// Hedgefund Strategies

Our strategies comprise a team of highly skilled discretionary traders and EA’s with over three years
experience in proprietary firm trading and managing MAMS & PAMMS portfolios. Enabling us to consistently deliver outstanding results and demonstrating exceptional risk management expertise.

// Profit Split, solely with the Firm

The profits generated are subject to a 50/50 profitsharing arrangement with the firm, without additional fees.

// Proven Profitability, Automated.

Once connected to one of the strategies, the process is 100% autonomous.

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