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In 2021, we ignited the BotTronic vision, a beacon of honesty in the Forex trading world. We’re here to unlock your potential and share our passion for trading without asking for your capital. 

With our experienced team available round the clock, cutting-edge M-Trade strategies, funded A-book opportunity’s, and a commitment to delivering excellence, your trading journey begins here. Join us and discover a world where trading becomes an exhilarating adventure towards financial prosperity!

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Your Risk Capital in Expert Hands!

Bid farewell to the world of solo risk capital management. At BotTronic, we’ve meticulously handpicked Forex brokers that resonate with the remarkable performance of our M-Trade strategy. Here’s the thrilling twist – imagine trading as if you’re part of a hedge fund! You’ll collaborate with fellow clients, harmonizing your trading efforts within the dynamic framework of M-Trade. It’s time to embark on this trading revolution and experience the synergy of collective intelligence. Join us today for a trading journey like no other!


Are you ready to step into the world of trading with confidence and ease? At BotTronic, we’re excited to offer you a remarkable opportunity to amplify your financial journey. Our exclusive M-Trade copytrading service combines cutting-edge technology, a proven track record, and a seasoned fund manager’s expertise to help you unlock the potential of the Forex market. Get started with our affordable Set Up Service for just $20, and embark on a path to financial success like never before. Explore more about what we have to offer, and let’s make your trading dreams a reality.

Unleash the Power of M-Trade: Elevate Your Trading Journey!

Tired of navigating the complexities of risk capital on your own? At BotTronic, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of Forex brokers to match the outstanding performance of our M-Trade strategy. But here’s where it gets exciting – envision trading as part of a hedge fund! Collaborate with fellow clients and tap into the collective brilliance of M-Trade. Are you ready to embark on a trading revolution? Explore further to discover the captivating world of M-Trade and transform your trading experience into something extraordinary!

A-Book Funded Management: Your Gateway to Investment Success!

At BotTronic, we’re proud to introduce you to an intuitive trading solution tailored for everyone, from the everyday investor to leading financial institutions. Drawing from over eight years of historical performance data, we confidently offer the most reliable strategies for propfirm accounts. Choose from a diverse selection of finely-tuned trading systems, designed to meet various investor needs and risk appetites. Accepted clients gain access to these exclusive strategies, creating a bridge between retail and institutional investors and the latest technological advancements in the market.