Welcome to BotTronic!

We focus on trading in the world of Forex & Crypto. Due to a low entry level with risk capital of at least $100 and the user-friendliness of private trading, flipping services, investment plans & hedgefunds, we make trading easily accessible to everyone.

Fund Your Account


Your risk capital is managed by a Forex broker. We have made a choice of Forex brokers where our results are the most equivalent. Would you rather trade in a hedgefund? You trade jointly with other customers via a PAMM account.

Don’t want to worry about your accounts at all? Then the Investment Plans are the right thing you need, with a fixed percentage of ROI every day.


We offer installation service and full support on all our services, at no extra cost on top of the platform fee.

It’s simple, register your free BotTronic account, fund your broker account and let us link the hedge fund or MT4 signals so that they are set up perfectly!

Next to this, all our programs include trading courses to learn to trade yourself including a free BotTronic e-book, everyday analysis and signals from our traders and 24/7 support.

Private Trading: Manage your own risk capital and follow our trades!

Through private trading, you can retain control of your own risk capital. This is achieved by controlling your MetaTrader4 account, which is registered with one of the brokers that we recommend. Once this is set up, you will be able to track all trades that are opened, modified, or closed on our account at exactly the same time.

This method of trading allows you to follow our experienced traders who have developed a successful strategy for the markets. Even without any prior knowledge, you can participate in trading with a low entry point starting from $2,500 USD.

Flipping: double up your capital!

By engaging in Flipping trading, you can retain control of your own risk capital. This involves controlling your MetaTrader4 account, which is registered with one of the brokers we recommend.

Account flipping, as we refer to it, is a high-risk trading approach where we aim to double a low-risk capital within a period of one or two months. While this method carries a high level of risk, it also has the potential to yield a high return. We limit the drawdown percentage to a maximum of 10% and only conduct trades with risk capital ranging from $500 USD to $1000 USD.

Hedge Funds: trading with a pool of investors

BotTronic offers a Hedge Fund service through a PAMM account with our broker Vantage Markets. PAMM, which stands for Percentage Allocation Money Management, is a unique trading setup that allows investors to allocate funds to a qualified trader or money manager of their choice, who will then manage these pooled funds across multiple trading accounts.

As a manager of your venture capital in your Vantage Markets account, you have control over your funds. The trading interval is monthly, which means that you can withdraw your winnings or cash out your entire account at the end of each month.

Investment Plan: simple and without any extra costs!

BotTronic provides an Investment Plan service, where individuals deposit their investment amount into the Bottronic wallet account. We then invest the deposited amount in multiple trade accounts managed by different traders, each with their own unique strategy. This approach enables us to take maximum advantage of the markets, and we are not reliant on a single market or strategy.

One of the major advantages of the Investment Plan is that we offer a fixed daily profit of 0.5%. However, the drawback is that your investment is tied up for a period of 10 months. Nonetheless, you can withdraw your profits on a weekly basis. After the ten-month period, you can also withdraw your initial investment.