It is important to us that we educate & inform as much as we can about what we do. 

We want to set a few rules when it comes to communicating with the BotTronic Traders in regards to the trading activities, as well as touch upon a few other things in regards to the trading.

👉Don't message CEO Jeffrey unless it's a 911 emergency and you can't get a hold of the support in Telegram or on the website. Please understand that Jeffrey is incredibly busy and needs to focus on the trading. If you have questions about the BotTronic program, which subscription is best, your settings and so forth.. It is VERY important you contact the Support Desk on the website or in Telegram, and not ask the CEO. We have a CMO ( Elisabeth ) and COO ( Danny ), plus an entire support team. 

👉BotTronic is build upon transparency. This means you see everything in terms of what trades are doing. Here are some things that we feel are important to share:

1. If you see open trades, no matter how many, they are there for a reason. We close most within a day, but depending on the market it could happen they close within 3 days. Whatever is going on, is happening for a reason. The only reason trades would be open for too long, is if YOU have not renewed your subscription in time.

2. For those of you who are familiar with trading: We appreciate you, but we would like you to not mend in with the trading. You are using a service and an expert trading team. We will not
( and cannot ) be influenced by anyone who has experience in Forex. If this is you, you have two choices: Enjoy the ride, or find a different service. ( and we say this with love! )

3. Don’t panic. Unfortunately showing everything that goes on has its own challenges and when trades go into a loss people tend to get nervous. We want to remind you again that even though you see the trades every minute of every working day.. We have MONTHLY targets. And even if we do not make the target we are confident we will NEVER close with a loss. IF we ever close the month with a loss, you will get the following month for free. We are that secure in what we do. 

👉We want to emphasize again that the settings in the PDF MANUAL, which is available in the “Set Up” section of your BotTronic Main Dashboard ( www.bottronic.io ), are the settings we recommend. If anyone has different settings or is using customized settings ( lot sizes etc ) it is their own responsibility. 

👉We get asked a lot when profits should be taken off the table, and while this is not financial advice, we want to emphasize that YOU are in control of your finances. If you want to be 100% safe, but still enjoy a healthy growth, you can always take 50% of your weekly profits off the table every Friday and let the rest compound. That way you are consistently securing profits. You will have to withdraw this from the broker because the way BotTronic is set up it will automatically compound your account.

Last but not least, we want to give you the following advice:  If you feel you can’t stomach looking at open trades, “red” trades etc, we recommend you do not look at them. Login to your dashboard once a week to see the status of your account.

We are passionate about offering a high quality service, and will go above and beyond. But in order to guard the quality and the integrity we have decided to start educating everyone more on what is going on, as well as stating our point of view on things.

BotTronic is ready to take the world on! We appreciate every single subscriber, and we are excited for an incredible journey.

To your success,
The BotTronic Team